September's Freebie - The K Card

If you order in September you will received a free K card with your kit.  It might not look exactly like this one, but the layout and design is exactly like the picture.  

I hate waste and try to avoid filling the garbage can as much as possible, so I've decided that every month, I will use the scrap papers that I have around to create freebies that will go out with all orders from THIS website. Colors and papers are not going to be the same, but I promise it will be a fun card for you to create!

First, Why do I call it my "K card".  One look at this photo, and it's pretty obvious.  No matter what design you have, you can find a "K" on it!

Now that you see the completed card, it's probably easy to see what goes where, but if you need a little guidance, here are some tips and pictures that will help.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!  Hope you enjoy your card!

1.  Start by folding up the triangles on the fold lines.  Then apply adhesive to the back of the fold to adhere it to the front of the card.  In your kit, you received two triangles.  These triangles will go on the card front after the folds are complete.

2. Take the strip (or strips) included it in the kit and attach on the top of the card, covering any other fold lines.

3.  The large piece of cardstock with the printed greeting on it goes inside the card.  After that is in place, CLOSE THE CARD and then add the center embellishment (the ornament, flower, etc.).  If you don't close the card, you might put it too high or low.  Closing the card ensures it is centered. (Guess how I found this out!)

4.  Finish the card by adhering the additional embellishments (pine needles, bow, etc.) that you received in your kit.

5.  Did you do something different?  I'd love to see it!

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