I need to preface this "first" post.  This isn't really my first post.  When we decided to start our own web store, I started out on a different platform.  Unfortunately, it didn't give me the flexibility I wanted so I moved it here.  Once I get this site up and running, I will be deleting my previous site and therefore will loose my previous blog.   I think it is important to know where we began so I am copying our very first blog post here...


I opened an Etsy shop in 2011. I loved card making and scrapbooking.... anything to do with paper.  When my shelves could not store anymore of my creations, I decided to try and sell some of them. My business took off!  So much so that in 2013 I opened another Etsy shop. Then another, and another....until I had a total of four, uniquely different shops to keep me busy. Apparently, I wasn't busy enough...


Almost two years ago, while standing out in the area of our barn that was soon to be my husband's workshop, I found a huge box of scrap lumber. I asked him what he was going to do with all the small pieces in there. His response was, "burn it". My eyes widened and I took a few steps back. WHAT was he thinking! I quickly explained to him that I could make something with these scraps. He laughed as I started playing around with these fragments of wood leftover from building his workshop...but he knew I was serious!


I gathered up a few pieces, cut them in different shapes and sizes and away I went. I remember sitting there in my craft room, staring at these splinter filled leftovers, trying to figure out how I was going to capture their "inner beauty". Then it hit me! As I pulled out a triangular piece with a square top...CARROTS! Ok, I'll admit it took some imagination to "see" them and when I told my husband, he thought I was absolutely crazy! With a little paint, sandpaper and a few other supplies, what once was a scrap of lumber cut from a 2x4 from our barn turned into the most adorable, rustic wooden Easter carrot I had ever seen. Even my husband thought it was "kind of cute".


After a few revisions, I finally came up with a basket of carrots I fell in love with. Up on Etsy they went and overnight we became farmers! Our first crop turned out over 100 carrots and I couldn't keep them in stock. Determined to use only recycled wood, I started watching our local paper and marketplace for people selling scrap wood and even rescued a bunch from our neighbor's burn pile. We had a few more crops that year before we "tilled up the soil" and started preparing for the 2019 Easter season. Over the next few months, I found a few contractors that were happy to unload their "trash" on me, so our carrot seeds were cut and stored for planting in the new year.


Over 1000 carrots were harvested from all the lumber we collected that summer, and we still ran short. By the end of the season, we had customers lined up for the first picks of the 2020 season. We will only have one crop in 2020. Instead of gathering lumber this summer for next year's crop, we have been working hard to get our new workshop all set up. Notice I said "our" new workshop. Don't tell my husband...


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