Talk About Coming Full Circle...

Pineapple Soup Paper Designs

Wow....2020 has been quite a year so far.  We started off going into it with so much enthusiasm.  We had just finished our woodshop and were ready to start stocking the shelves for all the shows we were going to be doing this summer/fall.  Starting a new business is always scary, but we were confident we could do this.  We had all the tools, all the supplies and all the designs made up to start rolling.  Then COVID-19 hit...

If you read my previous blog, you know I have four Etsy shops.  Two of them are entirely devoted to weddings.  Weddings and special events were shut have to say that again....WEDDINGS AND SPECIAL EVENTS WERE SHUT DOWN.  As a business owner who depended on people gathering in large crowds, this was hard to imagine.  There were no weddings, no receptions, no graduations, no parties or celebrations at all....and there was no need for anyone to decorate for these unattended events.  Now what?

Well, we had the woodshop and thought it would be a great time to stock up on product to take to all these shows we were planning for 2020.  Knowing that summer was probably going to be too risky, we shot for products for fall and winter. we are.  September of 2020 and it doesn't look like shows are going to happen at all this year.  Yes, there are some, but talking with colleagues who have recently done in person shows, the attendance is so poor that it really isn't worth the time and effort. 

Spring?  At this point, who knows if there will even be Spring markets and if there are, will there be enough shoppers to support the small businesses at them.  We decided, at least temporarily, we need to move on.  We will still make our wood products as we get orders online, but we have come to the realization that any in person sales this year is just not going to happen. So, again I had to ask.....NOW WHAT?

Well, I started in 2011 making cards.  I still make some, but usually just when I need them and then sell the extras online.  Well, a few weeks ago, I decided to get out all those paper supplies I've been storing and go full throttle with my cards again. I am thrilled how quickly they took off.  Card kits starting selling, so just as I have always listened to my customers in the past, card kits is what I am making right now.  Who knew people that were stuck at home with nothing to do, afraid to go into stores to buy supplies, would need something delivered to them to keep them busy and help fuel their creativity!  LOL....I'm laughing because "I" am one of those people stuck at home and afraid to go into stores to buy supplies.  Luckily my suppliers all deliver and my creativity has been "refueled". I'm inspired, enthusiastic and excited to get back to my first creative love.... paper crafting!

I've overhauled the website to feature all of my card kits now.  All of the wood products have been moved over on our new, online storefront at goimagine (more about that in the next blog), but here is a link for now:

Talk about going full I come AGAIN!  Only this time will be even better!

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