Instructions for card base 301

Base 301 is used for several of my card kits.  It offers a lot of versality  and can have both a classic and a fresh look.  Below is a diagram of the general layout.  Some card kits might not have all layers, or have additional layers, but the general guidelines for putting the card together will remain the same.
Pineapple Soup Designs Card Base 301 
This card base comes in two different styles.  With both, the front of the card is only half showing.  On one style the front is CUT in half, the other, the front is FOLDED in half, revealing only the back side of the inner front of the card.  Assembly will be the same for both.
Numbers are used here to show the different pieces for easy reference.
1.  Use your favorite adhesive to attach #2 to the half front of the card on the left.  I recommend a tape runner, but when I am making a lot of cards at one time, I will use a spray adhesive.
2.  Next you are going to attach #3 to #2, BUT.....when applying adhesive to the back of #3, remember, you need to make sure to only apply the adhesive to one half.  I could never get the "half" side correct.  If I got the side right, I put it over to far and would end up having a glue mess on the inside front of the card, so here is a trick.  Take a look at this photo.
 I've learned it is easier to apply the adhesive directly to the card front half.  Lay #3 NEXT to the half where you want it positioned vertically.  Apply adhesive ONLY to where you see the purple arrows in this photo.  Once the adhesive it there, attach #3 on top of the adhesive.
3.  Add adhesive to layers 4 and 5 (if applicable) and attach.  
4.  Any further decorations will be attached to the front of the card.  If you are not sure how to lay them out, please refer to your order where you can see the original photos of your card kit purchase.  IF your card kit includes a ribbon that wraps around one of the layers, just be sure to add it before adding that layer to the card.  
BE CREATIVE!  Use your artistic style to create your OWN layout.  I'm a perfectionist, and while I love the LOOK of a "twisted" card, I can't get myself to apply the adhesive (yet) to attach the layers like this!  What's a "twisted card"?  Well, why do the layers need to be lined up perfectly square?  Here is an optional layout to try.  I actually really like the twisted version of this card, as it shows more of the color of the layers.  Would love to see if you come up with any ideas too!