Pineapple Soup Designs "Let it Snow" - Card Kit 224

Pineapple Soup Designs Let it Snow Card Kit 224

Ribbon Stitching! 

You've got to love the look of the elegant, yet simplistic ribbon stitching on this card.  It just adds the WOW factor to a basic layout.
Just a few things to keep in mind when creating this card that will be highlighted below.  As always, if you have any questions, just email me!
1. Your kit includes a rectangular paper piece with Pineapple Soup Card Kit Instructions 224slots punched into it.  Every piece has a front and a back, even if it is a solid color, it will have a texture that is heavier on one side.  Find the front of the card, and hold it so the slots are on the left side.  Starting at the bottom, insert the ribbon from the FRONT to the BACK in the first slot.  Pull the ribbon through so that only about 1" of ribbon remains below the bottom of the paper. Continue "stitching" by alternating the direction of the inserted ribbon as shown.  "Stitch" all the way to the top and trim the ribbon to about 1" long above the top end of the paper.  You should have 1" ribbon tails on both the top and the bottom of the piece.
2.  Apply about 1" of your favorite (non-liquid) adhesive to the BACK of the piece, over top the paper/ribbon stitching on the top and bottom.    I prefer a tape runner for this to keep it neat, but if you don't have a tape runner, you can just use regular tape (see below).  
3.  Next you are going to fold the 1" ribbon tail over the adhesive, securing it in place.  If you are using regular tape, just fold the ribbon tail up and secure it in place with regular tape.  It really doesn't matter if the tape shows because this is the BACK of the piece and no one will see it!  :)  
4.  Now you just need to attach your ribbon stitched  piece on to the front of your card by adding adhesive to the back edges and securing to the card as shown in the example.
5.  It's time to "let it snow" and add your snowflakes.  Don't think you have to use the exact same layout I used.  Play around with it and come up with your own.  I've adding a few extra smaller snowflakes if you noticed you have a bare spot you need to fill in.  :)
6.  Have fun putting your cards together.  I would love to see your finished product, so send me a photo or #pineapplesoupdesigns on social media.